Forget Valentine’s Day, Little Stitch All The Way

When there is a special holiday or occasion, chances are parents are going to try and dress their little ones up for it. However, this one kid had a different idea. We’re very impressed with this little one’s decision to forget Valentine’s Day, and become a little Stitch.

“Daughter refused to wear her new Valentines outfit,” read the caption of a photo posted to the Daddit subreddit.

“Insisted on her Stitch costume instead! Wife is not pleased but I think it’s great!”

The submission from a Redditor by the name of BadIrishman shows his adorable daughter decked out in a Stitch costume. It always seems like the dads tend to be a little loose on what their kiddo has to wear doesn’t it? It looks like this is one little one who doesn’t give a damn about Valentine’s Day.

We’ll definitely be expecting this to change once she gets older. For the time being, we can all laugh and smile as Valentine’s Day comes second to an animated character.

You can check out the awesome photo of the little one in her Stitch costume below. Let us know if you’ve ever had one of these experiences with your little one and what your response was.

Forget Valentine’s Day, Little Stitch All The Way


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