Build Your Family A Floating Cooler For Just $10

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Image credit: Ghazalle Badiozamani

Do you get of out the pool to grab a juice box or fifth beer? You’re a god damn amateur! Be a DIY dad and build a floating cooler for all of your beverages and never get out of the pool again.

Unless your kid is like mine and has to squirt more often than a leaky garden hose. Just hold it until daddy gets a nice golden bronze!!!!

The building of this bar float seems pretty simple. Bang it out before your next pool session or just build a pool bar.

What You Need: Pool noodles, a plastic storage container, tape measure or ruler, serrated knife ice and your favorite canned or bottled beverages. I suggest beer. All of them.

You’re floating bar will be done in minutes or hours if you drink all the beer beforehand.

[stolen from The Kitchn]


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