Eminem-Styled Baby Is Ready For ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’

It’s fall and it’s time for the hoodies and jackets. One of the most awesome baby photos surfaced on the Daddit subreddit and it invokes the 8 Mile nostalgia we all get in the colder months. The Eminem-Styled baby could be the new trend this season.

The photo below was posted to Imgur and the Daddit Subreddit by Redditor, ripkid. The caption simply stated, “mom’s spaghetti,” which happens to be a phrase from Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

The caption was fitting because of the attire that the little guy was rocking. In 8 Mile, you can see Eminem sporting various colors of hoodies, including a light-grey color-way.

As the fall season continues to shine, it looks like we may have found a new style for babies. It also reminds us that parents love to have fun when it comes to their kids’ style.

With it being Halloween season, this photo also gave us the idea of a baby Eminem costume for the hip-hop lovers. What’s easier than a hoodie, some jeans and sneakers or baby Timberlands?

You can check out the little Eminem-styled baby below and let us know if you’re digging this as a fall outfit or Halloween costume for the season.

Eminem-Styled Baby


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