Don’t Let This Happen To The Backseat Of Your Car

I’ve let the backseat of the old family truckster get a little messy. These photos are borderline Hoarders-level amounts of rubbish!

A reader and self-proclaimed neat freak sent these photos in and requested to remain nameless. The reason is obvious. Here’s the explanation behind the carnage….

“If you want a good laugh today you can have one at my furious expense… I noticed crunched food on the back seat floor so today I decided to take out all 3 car seats and switch them around so I could clean up the tiny bit of crumbs, and make sure no one gets murdered and I don’t go to jail for child abuse.

So I took out the first seat belonging to one my twin 3-year-olds 😲 WTFMFH!!!!!”

In her defense, she has 3-year-old twins, a 16-month-old and a “very hormonal” 13-year-old girl at home. She’s allowed to slide on anything in my eyes, she has twins. Twins are automatic GET OUT OF EVERYTHING FREE cards.

“I just blew up your house and taped over all your old VHS copies of SCTV.”


“Well, in my defense, I have twins.”

“Oh. Ok well it’s all good.”

She said her boyfriend is to blame as he allows the kids to eat just about anything and everything in the car. I’d hate to see what would happen if she looked under his seat.

In related news, she cleaned up all that cereal and found out she actually had triplets!

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