Don’t Ever Mess With A Meteorologist Dad

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We are all new fans of meteorologist Chris Holcomb after he owned his daughter in a text-exchange. What’s one of the threats that plenty of dads try to use? Don’t worry, this meteorologist dad uses it in a very frigid response to his daughter.

Questioning a meteorologist is something that we all do. “No way, it’s not going to snow today, it’s too warm” or perhaps, “this guy has no idea what he’s talking about.”

Those are the types of responses we normally dish out, unfairly, we must add. Holcomb’s daughter wanted to show her dad up and texted him that her Weather app said it wasn’t going to snow, contrary to his report.

The response to this was absolute gold. Holcomb thanked his daughter for the insight and then questioned whether or not her weather app would be paying for her college education.

SomeECards shared the hilarious exchange that will make all quick-witted dads smile with delight. You can check out the brief exchange below.

Don’t Ever Mess With A Meteorologist Dad

Meteorologist Dad

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