Dad’s Got Some Serious Braiding Skills

This holiday braid will totally brighten your day. We’re not sure how this dad got it done but we have to give him some serious props for his braiding skills.


A Redditor by the name of bigdaddyfatsac, yeah we laughed at the username as well, posted a series of photos highlighting an awesome holiday braid he gave his daughter.

In the first photo you can’t really tell what’s so special about the braid. However, when the little one turns around intertwined into her two braided pigtails is an awesome bow.

The dad was pretty proud of his handy work as he captioned the photos, “Dad tries a new Christmas themed braid #nailedit.”

Dad’s always seem to get a bad reputation when it comes to doing your kids hair or picking out outfits for little girls. However, this shows that times are changing and dads are becoming more and more equipped with the necessary dadding skills.

These days it’s just way too hard to not be good at these skills. After all, that’s what the YouTube tutorial videos are for right? The internet is a fascinating place where you can learn to braid your kids hair then showcase the skills.

You can check out the awesome bow braid in the images below. All images were posted to Imgur.

Dad’s Got Some Serious Braiding Skills

Braiding Braiding

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