Dad Shares His Little Hulk Hogan Babies

Kids make some of the strangest poses when they are little. When a baby strikes a familiar pose without any influence, you know they are destined for greatness. One dad shared his little Hulk Hogan babies and they are too awesome.

We all love to remember Hulk Hogan before the scandals. He was one of the most electrifying names in the WWF, WCW and WWE and can still light up a room with the pythons.

A Redditor by the name¬†bigmick17¬†took Hogan’s iconic pose and collaged it with photos of his two little ones who unknowingly strikes the pose.

My future champs,” read the caption of the photo. Who knows, maybe we’ll see these little ones kicking some serious but in the WWE. In the meantime, we can let out all the aww’s possible.

Dad Shares His Little Hulk Hogan Babies

Hulk Hogan Babies

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