Dad Has A Hilarious Reaction to His Daughter’s Twizzler Eating Method

Everyone knows there is only one way to eat Twizzlers, you pull them and eat them strand-by-strand. However, it looks like one dad came across his daughter’s Twizzler Eating Method, which sparked a hilarious reaction.

The photo was posted to Imgur then surfaced on Reddit’s Daddit subreddit. The Reddit userĀ Thedaveabides98, submitted with a caption that is pretty fitting for those who are adamant on eating Twizzlers the right way.

“I’m raising a monster,” read the caption.

Obviously the adorable little one in the image is not a monster, however, the fact that she is biting into a row of Twizzlers like a candy bar is cringeworthy for those purists who are sticking by the peel and snack method.

It’s pretty hilarious to catch kids doing their own thing when it comes to enjoying a snack or going through an everyday exercise. Methods simply don’t apply to them and they are just free to act however they want.

There is no wrong or right way to eat a Twizzler to a child. It’s the innocence of a child that gives us hilarious photos and helps us create funny captions to match at their expense. It’s how we preserve the most precious moments and keep them in the back of our minds for when these little ones get older.

You can check out the hilarious photo below.

Dad Has A Hilarious Reaction to His Daughter’s Twizzler Eating Method


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