Dad Builds His Daughter An Awesome Playhouse From Pallets

This is a huge shout out to all of those creative dads out there who know how to make their kids life that much more awesome. One dad figured out a way to put some old pallets to a good use. A dad builds his daughter an awesome playhouse from pallets but you’d never have guessed it.

In a post by a Redditor named Doo_doo, the user shows off his insane playhouse creation from using wooden pallets. You can see his little daughter in the cool play area that looks to be equipped with a couch and deck area.

While plenty of users thought this was an awesome use of the wooden pallets, others warned against the harmful chemicals that some pallets are treated with, along with their origin and splinters that may be on them.

The best advice from one user was to give the pallets a paint job to give an added shield to the chemicals and the splinters that could be caused by the pallet.

Those are all great tips from concerned parents, however, we just wanted to take some time to marvel at what some of the most creative dads out there are doing. There are plenty of ways to give your kids something they will absolutely enjoy without breaking the bank. You can check out the awesome playhouse below.

Dad Builds His Daughter An Awesome Playhouse From Pallets


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  1. Nice ideas. A playhouse is those where kids made their childhood memories. Everyone remember their childhood memories with fondness. Thanks, this Diy pallet playhouse ideas. I like it. It takes back me in my childhood.

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