Dad Becomes The Anna To His Daughter’s Elsa

A Redditor by the name of G-Honda showed us all how to suck it up and be a good dad especially on Halloween. This is probably the best and only example of how a Dad Becomes The Anna To His Daughter’s Elsa.

The image was originally uploading to Imgur and later shared on Reddit. The dad, while not appearing to be very enthusiastic about being in an Anna costume, seemed quite ready to take on any criticism or laughs that may come his way.

What this really shows is dedication to making a holiday extra special for your kid no matter how much you may have to humiliate yourself in the process. Many would say that the Halloween tradition is dying down a bit. However, with effort like this from parents, there is no way that the tradition can be lost.

There has definitely been a visual decline in trick or treaters in some areas as parents become more and more cautious.

Do you think this dad totally nailed the Halloween costume? We also want know if you’re seeing a decline in the trick or treaters over the last couple of years.

In the meantime, we wanted to take some time to appreciate this dad’s dedication to making sure his little one has an awesome Halloween memory for years and years.

Dad Becomes The Anna To His Daughter’s Elsa


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