Casetify Will Turn Your Kid’s Crappy Artwork Into Custom Phone Cases

Casetify Phone Cases

The people at Casetify feel that “every kid is an artist.” I agree. My daughter has the ability to draw anything to look like a penis. She drew a family portrait last week that I swore was a collection of colorful dildos marching in a parade.

But if your kid is an actual artist, you might want to check out what the people at Casetify can do with those masterpieces. They can turn them into phone cases for you, your family, or anyone eager to encourage your little Dildo Picasso.

The process is simple — take a photo of the masterpiece and upload it, scale and edit the image, create a signature label to add a new touch of customization, and then hit check out. In a couple weeks, the dildo parade case is in the mail.

Check out Casetify here.


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