Ben & Jerry’s Cereal Milk Ice Cream Is A Thing That Exists Until I Eat Every Last Pint

Ben & Jerry's Cereal Milk Ice Cream

I’ve often wondered by cereal dust isn’t a cereal. You know cereal dust. It’s all the leftover cereal at the bottom of the bag. I love that stuff. I’d snort it if I wasn’t afraid of the consequences. It’s not a good look to be high on Shredded Wheat in front of your kids.

Ben & Jerry’s hasn’t done anything with the dust yet but it’s now working with another fantastic cereal-related treat — the sugar milk left in the bowl when the cereal is gone. The Vermont-based ice cream company has released Cocoa Loco, Frozen Flakes, or Fruit Loot. All flavors are available exclusively at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops.

It’s cereal! It’s ice cream! It’s a perfectly logical reason to ignore my lactose intolerance!

Ben & Jerry’s Cereal Milk Ice Cream is the most brilliant thing they’ve done this year. These pint slices (cough Klondike Bars cough ) are a close second.


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