The Art Of War — Parenting Tip #312

Art of War Torture

“OK! OK! I’ll talk! I tell you anything you want to know!!”

I’m not saying I could survive torture but sometimes I’d rather listen to a faucet drip for four days than hear anything about StampyCat.


3 Comments on “The Art Of War — Parenting Tip #312”

  1. And what about living with a pre-teen or a teenager??? That must be one of them!
    However, when you’ll pre-teens you’ll miss the 4 y.o. 😜

  2. I love you…you are absolutely hysterical!
    I don’t have children, but I do teach middle school Social Studies.
    I also threaten summer school…mainly because I don’t teach it!!
    Have a great day, summer vacation and rock on with your awesome parenting skills.

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