Angry Mom Leaves Note For Grass Crew Who ‘Ruined’ Her Mother’s Day By Doing Their Jobs


An angry mom left the above note inside the car of a landscaping truck on Mother’s Day. It seems that mom “only wanted to sleep in” and that was ruined by a guy just doing his job.

Assuming the guy “hates mothers” based on his job is pretty weird but there’s way more to this story because isn’t there always?

While some may think this momma deserves praise for putting her thoughts out there, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. BlubaseĀ explained that he found the note not in his windshield, but inside his truck. That means the fierce mother snuck into the workers’ vehicle. That’s dedication to criticizing.

Plus, the mom was slightly exaggerating if you ask blubase. “On top of that”, he continued, “I looked at the time sheet and we got there at 8:47am. Far from too early. Their noise regulations permit 7:30 at the earliest. So fuck me for giving you a nice lawn to BBQ on.

Yes, that’s correct, she was angry at the people CUTTING HER OWN F*CKING GRASS!

Calm down, mom.

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2 Comments on “Angry Mom Leaves Note For Grass Crew Who ‘Ruined’ Her Mother’s Day By Doing Their Jobs”

  1. I doubt these guys want to be working on Mother’s Day either; maybe she should have canceled or rescheduled her lawn maintenance for that week, if it was such a grievous offense that they show up as hired to do their job.

  2. This seems pretty selfish to me. I mean, I doubt these guys get to pick where they’re going. Most lawn services have a schedule that they follow. Leaving them a nastygram isn’t doing anything but spreading negativity.

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