Angry Dad Didn’t Know How Hard Packing A Guitar Is

As a postal worker you might come across some pretty strange packages in pretty strange packing. One postal worker from Australia couldn’t help but to share a photo of a message that an angry dad, who didn’t know how hard packing a guitar is, wrote on the top of his package.

The message was aimed at his son and read:

“A guitar that my idiot son said he would collect the next time he comes to us but changed his mind and asked me to post to him in Oz. Have you any idea what goes into packing a bloody guitar?!?”

The message was most likely meant for his son to read and probably scare into never asking for another package from his parents ever again.

SomeECards shared the hilarious story and commented that the dad was Dwight Shrute levels of pissed. As fans of The Office, we would have to concur. You can check out the incredibly hilarious message below that was originally uploaded to Imgur.

What are some of the most outrageous things your kid has ever asked you to send them? Comment below so we can all share or laugh at your pain.

Angry Dad Didn’t Know How Hard Packing A Guitar Is

My friend works at the Australian Post Office. He received this package today.

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