3-Year-Old Gets Trolled By A Sneaky Cat

One of the most requested gifts during the holiday season has to be an animal. Kids will try their best to be good if they think they’re going to be getting a furry friend. One 3-year-old got trolled by a sneaky cat during her holiday surprise.

Sneaky Cat

“We gave my daughter a cat for christmas but it didn’t go exactly as we planned. Sometimes life’s imperfect moments are more perfect than you could imagine,” wrote actress Heather Brooker in the caption of the video.

The video was posted to Brooker’s YouTube channel in association with her online project motherhoodinhollywood.

Brooker details the encounter with the Christmas surprise in her own write-up. That being said, the video speaks for itself. The cat, whose name is Gracie, was put inside a box for her daughter to open.

The little one opened the box but the sneaky kitty made its way out of the box in such a swift and sly manner that Brooker’s daughter was confused as to why there was nothing in the box.

Gracie ended up exploring her new home and when Brooker’s daughter realized she got a new pet for Christmas you can hear the sweetness in her voice. You can watch it all go down in the video below.

3-Year-Old Gets Trolled By A Sneaky Cat

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